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Oscar Lake Lutheran Church

Oscar Lake Lutheran Church

Jan 28th @12 noon – Annual Mtg. & potluck (T)

14044 County Road 26 SW

Farwell, MN 56327

Phone: (320) 283-5568

Julie A Carlson, SAM

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Vern Hedlin, SAM

Wanda Hohler SAM
Church Interior

Altar of Oscar Lake Lutheran Church.

Cemetery of Oscar Lake Lutheran Church.
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From Sunday, May 19th 2024 To Sunday, May 26th


Sunday, May 19th

  • Worship
  • 9:30 – Oscar Lake
  • 10:30 – Graduation Coffee (OL)
  • 10:00 Peacemakers (T
  • 11:00 - Trinity
  • 5:00 – Trinity Council

Monday -

  • No Events Reported

Tuesday -

  • No Events Reported

Wednesday -

  • Confirmation – (T) 7:00 –
  • 6:30 – Bible Study (OL)

Thursday -

  • No Events Reported


  • No Events Reported

Saturday -

  • Holmes City Farmers MKT
  • No Events Reported

Sunday -

  • Worship
  • 9:30 – Oscar Lake
  • 10:00 Peacemakers (T
  • 11:00 - Trinity

History Of Oscar Lake Lutheran Church

In 1864, two Swedish families had homesteaded near Oscar Lake in Holmes City Township, Douglas County. The A. G. Solberg and Ole Fahlin families built log homes and began to clear their land. Each Sunday they came together in one of homes and read the Bible and sang hymns.

When other families moved into the area they were invited to join them at this Sunday worship. A licensed lay preacher and student, Jonas Magney, came to the wilds of west central Minnesota seeking Swedes or anyone else who needed his ministry. On August 8, 1866, in the unfinished Ole Fahlin cabin, Pastor Magney held the organizational meeting of the Oscar Lake Evangelical Lutheran Church. A. G. Solberg served as secretary, using an emigrant truck for a writing desk There were 25 who subscribed as charter members at that time.

On November 1, 1866 this new congregation decided to build a church, 30' x 24' x 12', on a ten acre square lot one mile north and one mile west of the present church. Ole Erickson was the contractor receiving $1.50 per day. The other work was mostly volunteer. The original cemetery for Oscar Lake Lutheran Church was south of its 1866 location and moved when the new church was built in 1884. In 1921, a monument was erected at the site of the original cemetery in memory of the more than 200 people still buried there.

In 1884, H. L. Lewis donated a two acre plot of land on which the present church, a 60'x 32'x18' structure with an 80 foot tower, was built. As is the tradition at Oscar Lake, the members of the congregation provided the majority of the labor. In 1888, Trinity Lutheran (Lekvatten) in Holmes City joined the parish. Although at times they were part of a three and four point parish, Oscar Lake and Trinity are today a two-point parish.

On May 19, 1918 a tornado struck the church and the steeple and bell were toppled to the ground. With the interior wet from the heavy rains, the confirmation service scheduled for the following day had to be postponed a week. The damages to the church and steeple were repaired. However, because the bell cradle had to be welded, today only the clapper moves to ring the bell.

Through the years, Oscar Lake Lutheran has added a Sunday School room, a storage room and bathrooms, remodeled the kitchen to include running water and, most recently built a larger, more functional entry and narthex while stabilizing the 1884 bell tower. The congregation of Oscar Lake Lutheran Church raised the funds needed for each addition and renovation. The majority of the labor was provided by members of the congregation, a tradition begun with the founding of the church.

Oscar Lake Lutheran Church has an active membership which includes the WELCA ladies group, Bible Study, Sunday School (shared with Trinity Lutheran Church), a Hand Bell Choir shared with Trinity, quilting group, a Men's Pancake Breakfast and the annual Harvest Festival celebration. The ladies of the church have an excellent reputation for their pies and for the Swedish Meatball and scalloped potato dinner served each year in September.

In 2005, Oscar Lake and Trinity adopted the Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage of Tectate, Mexico as their mission. Funds are raised through an annual Parish Auction and other activities to fund a bi-annual, week-long trip to the orphanage. During this week, parish members support the orphanage by completing any general maintenance and construction projects they may need.

In addition to the Mexico mission, in 2012 the parish began supporting a mission in Minnesota, the Heartland Girls Ranch in Benson. Oscar Lake and Trinity congregations support this mission with donations of their time and talents in updating and maintaining the buildings and grounds of the ranch.

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