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Nora Lutheran Church (ELCA)

Nora Lutheran Church

36528 130th St
Kensington, Minnesota 56343
Phone: (320) 965-2549

Pastor Janna Bader

Google Location
From Kinsington, Mn, go South on Cty Rd 1 into Pope County. In Pope County the Cty Rd changes from #1 to #3. Follow Cty Rd 3 to Cty Rd 26 and the church will be on the North side of Cty Rd 26

Pastor Janna Bader
Church Interior

Alter of Nora Lutheran Church.
Church Cemetery

Cemetery of Nora Lutheran Church
Church Announcements

WELCA: There is no WELCA in July.

ELCW Quilting: will be July 16th at 1:00pm with potluck.

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Weekly Events

Information below is provided by this organization

From Sunday, July 15th To Sunday, July 22nd


Sunday, July 15th

  • Joint Worship Service at Nora at 10:30am

Monday -

  • ELCW Quilting at Nora at 1pm with potluck

Tuesday -

  • No Events Reported

Wednesday -

  • Summer Wednesday Worship Service at City Park at 6pm

Thursday -

  • Gathering with Pastor Rachel Stout at 6:30pm at Marlys Jensen's Party Barn.

Friday -

  • No Events Reported

Saturday -

  • No Events Reported

Sunday -

  • First Worship at 9:00am
  • Coffee at 10:00am
History of Nora Lutheran Church

Nora Lutheran Church was officially organized on September 1, 1870, under the guidance of pioneer pastor Rev. Peter S. Reque. In the mid-1860's, settlers from Norway began arriving in northwestern Pope County in what would become Nora township. Government surveyor reports from 1866 indicate several settlers were already living in the yet unnamed township. As early as 1867, written accounts indicate these first pioneers were meeting for worship services conducted by laymen or traveling pastors.

By 1869, Rev. Reque began visiting this and many other settlements to conduct services, instruct confirmants, perform weddings, officiate at funerals, administer the sacraments, and organize congregations. The Norwegian language was used at Nora Lutheran for at least 65 years until the mid 1930's when English was gradually phased in. The last full Norwegian service was conducted in 1972 for a special occasion.

1870 was a key year when Nora township, Nora Lutheran Church, and the first school district were all officially organized. As new immigrants continued to arrive, their numbers became so large and the area so widespread that in 1875 the Nora congregation divided into two separate churches, with Nora retaining its name to the north and St. John's organized to the south.

In spite of many efforts to raise money for a church building, due to grasshopper plagues and financial hardships, worship services continued in homes until 1886 when the first church was finally built. A large steeple was added in 1896, and in 1903 the building was completely remodeled and enlarged into a cruciform style. Finally, the congregation had the house of worship they had been working for. Then just two years later in 1905 it was struck by lightning and burned to the ground with all its contents.

Undaunted, the members immediately began the task of rebuilding with the second church located across the road from the cemetery. It was built in similar style to the first church but larger with 72 foot steeple, balcony, and seating for 300. In 1954 a large fellowship hall and other rooms were added. Once again the congregation had the facilities they had worked so long for. Then in 1968 that entire structure was also destroyed by a fire, this time caused by electrical fault.

Again, the congregation voted overwhelmingly to rebuild. The third and present Nora Lutheran Church dedicated in 1969 is a modern structure, all on one level, and handicap accessible. Its primary function is as a house of worship, but the church also serves as a community center for other activities. The convenient facilities were expanded somewhat this spring with an enlarged narthex and added separate room.

During all of its history, an active ladies organization has played a key role in the congregation. Today that continues along with a Sunday School, Youth Group, Bible study, and quilters. Throughout the years, many anniversaries have been celebrated on special milestones, the most recent being the 135th last year.

Five sons of the congregation have gone into the ministry, and members have faithfully supported mission work financially, through clothing drives, with countless quilts, and locally by contributing to food shelves and holding benefits for those with special needs.


by James Belgum

Annual Church Events

Annual Supper


Vacation Bible School



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