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Gospel Hall Lowry
Gospel Hall
Lowry Gospel Hall

317 Florence Ave

Lowry, Minnesota 56349
Phone: (320) 239-4388
or Phone (320) 283-5419


From the Starbuck intersection, go North on Hwy 114 to Lowry. Turn right at the water tower, go one block and turn right. Go half a block and find Lowry Gospel Hall on the right side of the street.

Sunday Speaker

Sunday Speaker
Church Interior

Interior of Gospel Hall
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Up and Coming Events

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From Sunday, June 18th To Sunday, June 25th


Sunday, June 18th

  • 10:00 a m Worship Meeting
  • 11:15a m Sunday School classes for all ages
  • 1:30 p m Ministry Meeting and prayer meeting

Monday -

  • No Events Posted

Tuesday -

  • No Events Posted

Wednesday -

  • 7:00 pm Prayer Meeting & Bible Study with fellowship following

Thursday -

  • No Events Posted

Friday -

  • No Events Posted

Saturday -

  • No Events Posted

Sunday -

  • 10:00 a m Worship Meeting
  • 11:15a m Sunday School classes for all ages
  • 12:15 p m Potluck on the 2nd Sunday of the month
  • 1:30 p m Ministry Meeting and prayer meeting


History of Lowry Gospel Hall

A gospel tract mistakenly put in a minister's oat box was instrumental in the early history of the Plymouth Brethern in Lowry, MN.

It all began when a druggist from Howard Lake, MN, Mr. Long, came to Glenwood to sell some medicine he had patented. He stopped at the livery stable owned and operated by Alex McLaughlin, who had previously lived in Howard Lake, MN. Mr. Long had some gospel tracts that he was going to put in Mr. McLaughlin's oat box, but by mistake he placed them in the sack of a Presbyterian minister, Willie Scott. The tract changed Scott's way of thinking and Mr. Scott and a group of Scotch and Canadian immigrants in the Lowry area formed the Plymouth Brethren Assembly.

Early meetings were held in a church building they had erected north of the Soo Line Depot on the west side of the Tom Humes Slough about 1887-1888. Member of the Lowry Gospel Hall, William Blair who operated one of the elevators in Lowry decided to go back to their farm in Leven township. With the cooperation of other Brethern started a small assembly in Reno township by building a new meeting place, a log cabin, situated on the cemetery grounds 2 miles east of Lowry. This building was later destroyed by a tornado. This led to the present building in the town of Lowry, In 1900. Hugh and Lizzie Bryce sold the Evangelical church of Lowry to Job Andrews, Kenneth McKenzie, & William McIver. It was later named the Lowry Gospel Hall.

In later years, annual Bible conferences were held each year in June. The purpose of the conferences was to further the work of the Lord by prayer, Bible study and preaching of the gospel. They were held at the town hall in Lowry with many people from other assemblies in the U.S. and