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East Zion Lutheran Church
East Zion
East Zion Lutheran Church

Physical Address: 28745 Co. Rd. 10
Starbuck, MN 56381

Mailing Address: 32150 290th St

Hancock, Minnesota 56244

Office Phone: (320) 239-2430
Interim Pastor Mike Soppeland


To find out if church is cancelled, listen to the following radio stations. Morris radio station KKOK (93.7) and Benson station KSCR (93.5/1290KBMO)


Interim Pastor Mike Soppeland,
Church Interior
Altar of East Zion Lutheran Church.
Church Cemetery
Cemetery of East Zion Lutheran Church
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Church Announcements

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Winter in Starbuck
Weekly Events

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From Sunday, May 19th To Sunday, May 26th


Sunday, May 19th

  • 5th Sunday of Easter
  • 9:00 Worship at East Zion
  • 10:00 Coffee Fellowship at E.Z.
  • 11:00 Worship at West Zion
  • 12:00 Potluck dinner at West Zion


  • No Events Reported


  • No Events Reported


  • No Events Reported


  • 4:30 Worship & Music Committee meeting at the church office.


  • No Events Reported


  • No Events Reported


  • 6th Sunday of Easter
  • 9:00 Parish Worship at West Zion

The processional cross is used on festival Sundays such as Christmas and Easter and on other occasions such as funerals.
It is carried by a cross bearer into the sanctuary preceding and leading all others to signify Christ as Lord of the church and we as His followers.
The funeral pall is shown in its protective case. Families spread the pall over the casket of their loved one prior to the beginning of the funeral service to remind us that believers are clothed in the righteousness of Christ as in a white robe.
These memorial gifts were received by East Zion with gratitude and are used to the glory of God.


East Zion Lutheran Church History

The first East Zion Church was built during 1884 and 1885 by John Aslakson and Lawrence Iverson.

In 1898, an 85 foot steeple was added along with an entry, bell, balcony, and sacristy. Lighting was furnished by a fancy brass chandelier near the front and other kerosene lamps along the walls.

This church was struck by lightning on July 7, 1919 at 6:30 a.m. and burned to the ground. Worship services were then held in homes once again; the fall communion was at Fron Church in Starbuck, and Confirmation was held at West Zion.

Plans for a new church, similar to the Big Grove Church of rural Belgrade were drawn. The cornerstone was laid on August 28, 1921 and the church was built by the Larson Brothers of Starbuck for about $45,000. The old church bell, ruined in the fire, was recast and is used at the present time.

The decade of the 1930's brought a severe drought and depression to the area and funds for the church building trickled in very slowly. The building debt was finally paid by the annual meeting in 1941 and the congregation rose and sang "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow."

East Zion is a brick church with beautiful stained glass windows harkening back to its Norwegian heritage. Many improvements have been made in recent years including a sound system, furnaces and heat exchangers, a handicapped accessible lift system, accessible bathrooms, and in 2015 a new roof was installed.

We are very grateful for our beautiful worship space and proud of its legacy of the Christian faith.


Annual Church Events

Lawn Mowing Crew 2016

Klub Supper Crew

Spring Concert

Burma Road Parade

"Field Of Dreams"

Fall Concert

Missionaries We Support
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Mission Website
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